Why workspace relationships are so critical for Startup success?

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Why workspace relationships are so critical for startup success

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04 - 01 - 2021

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Interpersonal relationships in a workspace environment define organizational growth. In a potentially fastest-growing startup, workplace friendships cater to cohesive workgroups. To establish a successful firm, it is important to build strong relationships among co-workers and associates to enable effective working.

Working as a full-time employee in a physical workspace connotes a person spending about 10 -12 hours at work every day and the social dynamics of the workplace strongly contribute to making employees feel satisfied to be committed to the employer and the organization. Promoting the right kind of relationship with fellow workers to have a safe and cordial ambiance at the workplace ensures a healthy work-life balance. However, it is fundamental to comprehend the morals of the workplace.

How important is a conducive employee relationship in a startup?

Employees tend to be more assertive in a comfortable co-working space and it organically promotes camaraderie among them. Here are some of the strategies to help have a peaceful relationship in the workplace.

1. Connecting with the team

Developing an effective communication network with the teammates subconsciously motivates career progression. This type of communication involves sharing information or having sustained discussions to understand the workmate’s mindset. It encourages the collaboration and acknowledgement of one another which translates to greater growth of the Startups.

2. Employer and employee relation

Building good relationships at work is all about regarding every individual with the same values. A satisfactory superior-subordinate communication increases the levels of trust and support in an organization. It helps create a pleasant atmosphere in the working environment while encouraging the employees to overcome challenges at work and improve employee retention.

3. Improved Employee Morale

Working in a team gives everyone the opportunity to explore their strengths and share knowledge. To uplift discipline and enthusiasm in the workplace, it is necessary to recognize that each employee is different from another. As much as developing a positive relationship with co-workers helps build a successful career, it is also imperative to understand and be sensitive to their views. Accepting someone for who they are also promotes individual growth and reduces workplace conflicts resulting in a productive workforce.

There is never a golden rule to make an amicable first impression with co-workers but there is always the right way to deal with them...

1. A welcoming body language is key to start good friendships at work.

2. Avoid conversation with people who you find negative. It is always okay to not associate with people whose behaviour you don’t approve of.

3. Some conflicts are inevitable, recognize the weak points, and try to work on it to resolve them. If communicating does not work, it is always easier to find a way to move on and keep yourself motivated at work.

4. Dealing with criticism is not easy but it sure isn’t the end of the world. There is always a line beyond compromise and refusal, make sure you always speak for your rights.

Is it important to keep a personal and professional relationship separate in the workplace?

Startups get started off with a quest for great ideas and eventually, it is all about creativity, execution, and profit. This is when the workplace culture takes a backseat. Startups often tend to forget that the long working hours of the employees affect their personal and professional relationships. However, keeping the personal and professional relationships separate to create a balance between work and family life is important. Tuning out of private conversations and social networking with family in work hours and setting up a conscious boundary at workspace can help have a frenzy-free working atmosphere.

Achieving a positive workplace relationship...

1. Inspiring positive communication and managing boundaries helps establish clear relationships.

2. Having periodic meetings with the team can provide the tools needed to build workplace relationships.

3. Creating an unbiased working atmosphere to nurture employer and employee well-being.

4. Providing formative feedback helps increase employee motivation..

There are multiple factors that lead to Startup growth and success, it starts with understanding that each employee is rather inter-dependent than being independent. A happy workplace is where the employer and the employees embrace equality and these collective efforts ensure that employees stick around for a longer period of time.

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Blog Reads: 363

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