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09 - 02 - 2021

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Are you a Serial Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are a rarity. It takes an incredible amount of skill, creativity, and determination to lead a business. While a small percentage of entrepreneurs launch more than one business, and most possess a handful of common traits, they are addressed as serial entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs have adopted a ‘one-and-done’ mentality, a failure. In order to think like a serial entrepreneur, one needs to have or develop the characteristics of a serial entrepreneur. Read on to find out about serial entrepreneurial skills that will help you be one.

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Watch the time

Being time conscious is an important trait for a serial entrepreneur’s ability to juggle multiple ventures at once. One probably isn't going to be capable of efficiently managing and growing multiple businesses, if they don’t have the ability to compartmentalize, tune in, tune out, and shift from one responsibility to another with little hesitation.

Aim high, grow quick

Serial entrepreneurs have the ability to quickly advance a business through the start-up phase into a sustainable growth trajectory. Ability to scale the businesses quickly, enables one to move on to the next project or idea.

Strategic bonding

Serial entrepreneurs not only need a strong team of advisors, partners and employees, but they also must develop other strategic relationships where they give to others. It's important to pass on the mentoring received along the path to help fuel the entrepreneurial fire in others.

Stable thinking

One can’t grow multiple businesses without being able to be stable with their thoughts and decisions. Along these same lines, serial entrepreneurs should be able to think of new strategic methods depending on the situation. They must also have unwavering optimistic thoughts that guides them through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows

Unresistable curiosity

One of the factors that distinguishes serial entrepreneurs from other business executives is an inherent drive of curiosity. They tend to ask questions, seek out new information and connect ideas. This helps to wake up with new ideas and insights. In order to continuously churn out successful ideas, they have to think differently.

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Blog Reads: 430

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