Is there a thing as graceful aging?

A big shout out to the ladies in their 30s and 40s out there wearing multiple hats and establishing themselves. But there’s one thing that we all ladies notice with every passing birthday; Our skin, body and hair doesn’t feel the same anymore.

It is true that ageing is a very natural process and we are bound to have those changes and wrinkles but here are 4 ways that you can ensure you feel and look young irrespective of your age 

1. Wardrobe check :

Yes we all know that beauty comes from within and we reflect it outwardly. But you can’t ever underestimate the power of sharp dressing and a well thought-of wardrobe. I am not asking you to obsess over trends but I’m asking you to keep up with the changes in your body and dress accordingly. Never forget that true elegance lies in simplicity and ensure you play with colours and patterns in your clothing, than trying to overdo it.

2. Personal care :

You could be a busy homemaker or living a busy corporate life, always take some time off to just look at yourself in the mirror and feel confident about what you are. Listen to your body and always ensure you’re regularly doing what it takes to be hygienic and to maintain a good body tone. Simple things like moisturising right or having a pleasant body scent can add comfort to people next to you. 

3. Staying fit :

You’re already giving time for everyone except yourself and taking care of everyone around you. Give yourself some time as well. Make it a habit to either do yoga or find exercises that you like doing or join group classes that can keep you motivated and enthusiastic to stay in shape. Fitness has a lot of bearing on mental health which will directly affect your ageing process. Also keep reminding yourself to gleam with positivity and to walk around with confidence and happiness. You will be surprised to notice how much it will reflect on your skin. 

4. Makeover :

I know you feel a little tipped off but hear me out. If you are of the opinion that make overs are supposed to completely change the way you look and people don’t recognize you the same anymore, you’re mistaken. Makeovers are often to enhance the beauty that’s already there and just give it a fresh new outlook. Makeovers could also be internal at times or even adding a soft skill that can add to the great personality that you already have. It is to be a better version of yourself and not to be a different version.

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