Is a self-published author a creative entrepreneur

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09 - 02 - 2021

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Any indie author is an entrepreneur! Do authors realise what this means, let alone fall into the category?

For any inventor, each invention is an amalgamation of art, entrepreneurship, and commerce. An entrepreneur, in general, is an innovator who consciously harnesses creative thinking to generate value from their ideas. An author too is a creative someone who self-publishes their work without any help from an established press. Like authors have books as their only product, entrepreneurs take their brand bound to the subject of their book.

Indie authors vs Entrepreneurs

The correlation between an indie author and an entrepreneur is implausibly parallel. This parallelism has often neologised the two as author-entrepreneur and author-author. Author-entrepreneurs own business which is partially fed by their book. Author-authors are self-published authors or authors with no business experience whose books are published by independent or professional publishers.

What makes self-published authors entrepreneurs? Let’s go over the set of distinctive traits that is common

1. Great writers are risk-takers

Entrepreneurs believe that playing it safe and comfortable slowly kills authenticity! Similarly, indie writers agree that the fear of taking risks never goes away. It is not taking risks in blind pursuit of a dream, it is but taking risks in the story, in shaping a character. To reveal great stories and characters is to take great risks. Like entrepreneurs, self-publishing authors challenge themselves in new ways and inherently risk taking risks.

2. Authors embrace the inevitability of change

Consistency defines who you are as an innovator and persistence sustains you in the world of innovators. Writing for a living isn’t always writing what you love, at least if you’re self-publishing your piece. Like entrepreneurs, being flexible and open to challenges, especially in a world where the interests of the audience are always changing fortifies authors to surpass boundaries.

3. Writers illimitably saunter in creative thinking

Being intuitive and imaginative for a writer is to fuel a piece with fierce, fearless passion and uncompromising forthright. For any author to be an entrepreneur, going beyond a finished manuscript and taking it to the readers is no less than an entrepreneur building a business structure to hit the market.


There’s more to being a writer than just writing. Creating an indie author enterprise with stories of life-changing encounters is analogous to putting aside the practical norms and creating something ingenious.

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