Here are 6 reasons why interior design is a great career option for you

1. Growing demand for the career

If you’re wondering if you can establish a sound career by being creative and independent, the answer is yes. We’re in the growth era moving forward in the direction of infrastructure creation and expanding businesses. This also means a huge growing demand for architects and interior designers. If you’re planning to step into this industry, it’s the right time.

2. A stable career and income

One of the ways of analysing the merit of a career is by looking at the earning capacity and stability. Interior designers make quite a good amount of money and are known to have a high level of job satisfaction as their careers are built on creativity and the passion for it.

3. Best of both worlds

You can either establish yourself independently or be part of a company by being in this field. You don’t have to worry about missing out on either of them and it’s completely your choice how you want to build your career.

4. Skill is the backbone

A lot of them are choosing this as a career option as it is skill-based and has practical application of all learning aspects. It’s not like studying a subject for years and working on something totally unrelated. Interior designing courses are formulated to combine practical aspects of the field backed up by the science of it.

5. Short learning but lifetime earning

Unlike a lot of other professions, this field does not involve years of learning and competitive entrance exams and breaking your head to even get started in your career. These courses are of short duration ranging for a few months up to a year and you can start off as a professional. There’s no age barrier to learn or earn in this field. Although retiring at 40 sounds like ‘The Plan’, this profession will let you be on your feet as long as you want.

6. Flexibility and mobility

People prefer this career due to the important factor that it is not geographically restrictive. The factor that you don’t need to set up an office space or spend on maintenance to run a show, also makes it a good choice. Your career can go hand in hand with any place life takes you.

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