Digital Detox and why entrepreneurs need them

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23 - 02 - 2021

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Being digitally connected and having a strong social presence in the digital world is a must for every entrepreneur to gain credibility and make their business readily accessible. In the present day, social media forms an integral part of our everyday lives. Around the world, close to 4 billion people use social media, spending an average of 144 minutes every day.

The constant connectivity on digital platforms poses a common fear of missing out (FOMO in the millennial lingo) on the experiences that everyone else is having. The continuous presence on digital platforms often tends to fuel this fear every time you come across interesting content resulting in an unintentional comparison and feeling a sense of inadequacy.

To retrieve a balance between the virtual and real, to set limits, and reduce the fear of being left behind, the social tribe often goes on a digital detox.

What is a digital detox?
Digital detox is a process or a period of time when a person chooses to practise abstinence from using technology devices and social media platforms. 

“Detoxing” from digital devices refers to switching focus from virtual to real-life social interactions. The process helps realign one’s self with the actual reality and what is truly important.

Why do entrepreneurs need a digital detox?

1. Virtual VS Reality

With the amount of time people spend on social media, it becomes really easy for them to be swayed by the perceptions presented on social platforms. Entrepreneurs need to seek a reality check from time to time to understand if these perceptions match with reality.

Regulating social media presence can help creative minds stay authentic and true to their business strategies without biases.

2. Getting back to the roots

Hit the pause button and reassess the course of action! With so much content and the opinion shared on social media platforms, entrepreneurs can be influenced to think about the future rather than living in the moment, focusing on exigencies. 

A digital break can help revive social life to keep you at the top of your game. Physical interactions with other entrepreneurs and creative thinkers from the same community allows a rush of ideas and perspectives to help your business.

3. Physical and Mental health

More digital media equals reduced physical activity leading to severe physical and mental disorders. Researchers suggest that digital stress in frequent social media users can result in accentuated cases of depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

A digital detox can help innovative minds spare time for physical activities and social interactions. The key to keep the ideation and innovation process going is to find immense concentration, strength, and determination, which can only be obtained via small breaks. 


The digital platforms have a bizarre ability to accent the virtual experiences out of proportion. One does not realise how beautiful and exciting the world is unless one refrain from technology interventions.

Being a successful entrepreneur is less about doing things successfully and more about just getting things done. Therefore, consciously disconnecting from the digital world helps unwind and unfurl creative ideas.

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