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20 - 02 - 2021

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Ever realised the fondness an artefact brings to you, particularly if you bought it from your hometown and tremendously missed the place? The nostalgia that the object inspires is ample to make you want to get your hands on them. Here’s Desiadda, a brick and click platform based in Mysuru that professionalises in designing and producing customised handcrafted products.

“A society can only prosper if the poor are richer and the gap between the two is reduced by a socio-cultural bridge”

Founded by Adarsh Ramesh in 2015, Desiadda brings to you a wide range of memorabilia and handicrafts made by the local artisans of Mysuru, encouraging the preservation of fading art forms. Desiadda not only exhibits tantalising historic artefacts where each article depicts an anecdote from its emergence to its distinctive feature, but it also includes miniature carvings which include palaces, statuettes, and historical monuments.

When asked Adarsh about his passion for putting together the brand Desiadda, he said “The amount of trouble you can endure to accomplish your mission is called passion! During my initial years as an entrepreneur when my friends informed me about Hampi Utsava 2018, I decided to meet with the then DC with my friend and carried some samples of our artworks. After a 3 hour long wait, the DC finally came at 4 PM and the probability of losing out on this opportunity made me display all the samples right in front of DC’s office on the floor. I was immediately called inside by his attendant and the DC said he loved the samples. To my amazement, what happened next, was out of the blue! He placed an order for 1500 articles when I was expecting a maximum of 500. As exciting as it was, the thought of 1500 articles at one go gave me jitters. But, I did have an inkling that something right was in store. The manufacturing of the articles was to happen at Sagara, I, along with my friend went to Sagara and worked in the warehouse till the last day of the event and by 8:30 in the night we completed our work and decided to transport the articles in a truck. We travelled all night, slept on the boxes, and 5 minutes before the event, we delivered the articles. I reached the railway station by evening, still wondering if the event went well and waiting for my train when I was given my cheque”.

One of the intriguing craftworks of Desiadda is its wooden board games. If you are a 90s kid, these games undeniably take you back in time to the days when you were just a gullible kid and taught the basic rules of the game by your grandparents. From souvenirs, wood carvings, decorative novelties, handmade paintings, idols, mementoes, key chains, refrigerator magnets, badges, coffee mugs, customised T-shirts to Banana fibre artworks like file folders and mats, Desiadda is a gallery of varied and variegated artefacts.

As an entrepreneur, accomplishing great things requires technology, a part of the business which helps an organisation with its operational processes and a key factor in the evolution of business. Speaking about technology as an inevitable element in business, Adarsh says “If I can approach my vision with technology then why not deploy it? For the subsistence of the techniques and concepts of sculpture and decorative arts, it is crucial to promote the craft by someone who is passionate about it. To preserve art and heritage, the human touch is vital. For many years now, I have been asked about the use of lasers in our Inlay work, however, there is no formal learning or instructive education in Inlay work. At Desiadda, we provide resources to proficient and skilled artists who fall short of technological means encouraging them to showcase their skills”.

Being an entrepreneur, every day aspires for a fresh start of ideas and it can be difficult to figure out which idea to focus on and most businesses start with a great objective and fall back with an alternative. When asked Adarsh if he’s still doing what he set out to do with Desiadda, he said “ Initially, the craft was passion. Eventually, with the expansion of business, we decided to custom print T-shirts. We started getting bulk orders and the market was good till my partner fell sick. We didn’t work for 15 days and one day when I went to my office, I saw a room full of T-shirts. I realised that my passion got off course and I was still an art enthusiast. That is how Chalk & Slate came into the picture. We now custom print T-shirts here. Many other parallel instances over the years that have made me consistent and comprehend what I really want Desiadda to be”.

“A society can only prosper if the poor are richer and the gap between the two is reduced by a socio-cultural bridge”, he adds. Desiadda as a local marketplace is still at a budding stage and with impeccable strategies, leadership, and management, Desiadda aspires to be a remarkable ensemble of handcrafted artworks and even a fleeting visit to the store will give you enormous gratification.

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Blog Reads: 1275

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