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22 - 01 - 2021

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Today, everyone is eager to know how to get their content optimized with the primary goal of ranking in search engines. I suppose all are familiar with the term ‘SEO’, which is a hyped concept to understand while publishing write-ups online. So, what is the formula to achieve ranking in the search engine?

Formula 1- SEO basics

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a service or a process of optimizing the website or webpage to get optimum ranking in search engines.

What are the steps to practice SEO writing?

1. Knowing your target reader

Research on what content would your target audience care about. This can up your work 10 times more. For this use a Q&A tool whose answers would function as ‘Key’. Another tool would be checking the table of contents on the Wikipedia page of your interest topic.

2. Understanding your content purpose

Your content itself can serve as the keyword, which is an important part of SEO writing. Also, there are many free SEO tools available like Infinite Suggest, SEORCH, and parser, that can help you find popular keywords related to the content.

3. Connecting the dots of your work and consumer search

Structure your content as per the needs of the user. It’s not just about adding keywords but to use keywords that your reader would be browsing. It’s important for the content to match the search intent of the consumers

4. Adapt 5Ws, 1H, and 1N theory

Content should cover all the related concepts of the subject. The write should solve all the problems discussed in the article to the reader by answering questions like what, where, when, why, who, how, and now. The longer the content, the more understandable is the concept.

5. Page insights

Make sure your pages load faster as no one’s got the patience to wait for the page to load. Speed does contribute to the ranking which would be affected by factors like site’s code, server location, and images. All these problems can be resolved by signing to Google Search Console. Other tips would be, use a CDN (Content Delivery Network), compress image files, use lazy- loading, and an optimized theme.

6. Role of URL

Google suggests that use words that are relevant to the page’s content in the URL. Avoid using long URLs by removing stop words and unnecessary details, as they may intimidate searches.

Formula 2- Elements of blog post

Blogging is an integral part of any business run today. A website with a high-quality blog will rank high and the pump leads to business.

What are the steps to layout a good blog post?

1. Blog outline

Blog must contain a massive value with longer posts. Publish high- quality, high-value content, and not shallow. Don’t steal content from other blogs in terms to regularly post your work.

2. On-page SEO

The on-page SEO can improve the site’s search result performance as this process will structure the content and optimize various elements of the page. It serves the purpose to rank the page higher and drive the right traffic from search engines.

3. Researched work

Mark sure your content is well supported by valid statistics and established facts. This will make the work seem authentic and effective. Make a point to clearly explain the situation of the case study or any experiment quoted in your content.

4. Interlinking

Include links in your content to help the readers understand your piece better. It will navigate the users around the complete websites if it's structured properly. And, add the page’s target keyword as the anchor text. But, avoid using a lot many links as it may pose users difficult to navigate and crawl.

5. AIDA model

AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action which is a model that persuades a prospect to buy in marketing. In terms of blogging, the model is applied to grab the reader’s attention, build interest, strong desire, and call- in the action of the readers.

6. Readability

Readability is an important factor as it impacts the page’s ability to show up in search. So, it’s advisable to use natural and simple language in your content. This will help in providing a better experience for readers as well as improve semantic SEO.

Formula 3- Journalistic approach

If your article or write up can grab the attention of a journalist, then the work is good enough to stand a higher ranking in search engines.

1. Headline

Choosing the right headline can grab the attention of the reader and make them open your article and read. Some of the tips to increasing the chances of getting your pitch read include, use numbers, adjectives, and power words in the headline. Like, ‘8 best methods to rank high in search engines’. Or a headline can be in a question or ‘how’ format. For example, ‘10 steps for gaining followers in social media?’.

2. Point of view

Structure the write up from the journalist's point of view. Present the content in a way that people would have never read or heard of it before. The publishing piece must constitute a new perspective, clear focus, and relevancy to a target reader.

3. Inverted pyramid

It is a technique used to report or file a complete detail of a particular concept, based on its importance. The most important information will be stated first which includes answering 5w and 1H questions. Detailed things related to the concept go next and other background information is mentioned in the end.


Basically, to publish a write up on the internet and gain a high rank in search engines, one must keep in mind a lot of elements to make it happen. It’s a package that must comprise keywords, anchor text, interlinking and most importantly understanding the concept of SEO. Finding the right methods and tools to implement SEO will get your article the right rank and drive revenue too.

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