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20 - 02 - 2021

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One of the traditional concepts that unfurl its roots in the large distinguishable parts of India is Ayurveda. The belief and practices of Ayurveda primarily emphasise therapy, wellness, and medicine. With the evolution of ayurvedic therapies and techniques transformed into effective treatments, wellness and health become the key factors to keep the mind and body at ease.

Arogyasiri Ayurveda is a holistic approach toward good health, wellness, and a great lifestyle.

Arogyasiri Ayurveda, a therapy centre in Kuvempunagar, Mysuru focuses on the wellness of mind and body with a classic touch of Ayurveda in a scientifically oriented approach. Founded in 2013, Arogyasiri Ayurveda is a holistic approach toward good health, wellness, and a great lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about exercise and diet. Arogyasiri Ayurveda works on helping people deal with stress through their exclusive massage therapies, understand proper nutrition for their bodies, and advise them on general health and well-being.

When asked Arpitha Giri, the director of Arogyasiri Ayurveda, what drives her toward the concepts of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, she said, “Health is an important criterion. What I do in a day to keep myself healthy compels me than going to a hospital when I’m sick! The idea of staying vigorous and robust inspires me to spread the message and make people aware. This passion-driven thought emerged from choosing organic food to starting an ayurvedic centre”.

Arogyasiri Ayurveda is backed by the time-tested age-old practices of Ayurveda and Yoga. With a wide range of amenities like Panchakarma, Body detox, Stress management and rejuvenation, Body massages, and Joint pain management, the centre is a paradigm of practical and effective application of Ayurveda.

“We have a lot of mentors who inspire us every day. We are associated with GSS Yogathma, together as a team we focus on various aspects like Organic food, Yoga, Ayurveda, and a healthy lifestyle. Mysuru city, in recent years, has culturally evolved by embracing natural living and ecosystem”, says Arpitha.

Be it getting an Ayurveda consultation from qualified doctors and practitioners, Ayurvedic body massages, Weight loss management, Allergy management to Infertility treatments, Arogyasiri Ayurveda is an ensemble of curated therapies.

When it comes to reaching out to people on the benefits of Ayurveda and ayurvedic massage therapies, Arpitha considers technology a boon.

“60% of our business comes from the online medium. We consistently put our efforts into having an online presence. It plays a major role in expressing the ideas and notions of true Ayurveda. It is our strategy with the right use of technology that has helped to scale the business”, adds Arpitha.

Recognized for the true efforts with Best Startup Award for Disruptive Marketing in Alternate Care, Arogyasiri Ayurveda sources an authentic traditional health and wellness assessment by ayurvedic methods that stabilizes the inner balance of tridoshas in the body to relax, rejuvenate, and revitalise.

She believes that every low point is new learning. To overlook the failures is to welcome new objectives. Pragmatic in her perspective on success, when asked about the setbacks with Arogyasiri Ayurveda, she said, “Initially we planned on doing a lot with Arogyasiri Ayurveda. We had tie-ups with many resorts and a new branch to start but neither of the two worked out. We had plans for franchises across the country too. However, I consider them as hiccups and not failures. The lessons from these hiccups taught me the importance of right timing, the right investment, and the right people to work within the business. With these lessons as a foundation, we look at making things better. We are looking at starting a retreat centre or maybe a new branch in Mysuru”.

“With time the passion has gotten stronger, as we see more people showing gratitude for the positive impact Arogyasiri Ayurveda has had on their lives is like a pat on the back. It makes you want to work more no matter how let down you feel at times'', she adds.

Every start-up has a success formula and Arogyasiri Ayurveda believes that perseverance to accomplish and understand what people want is a quintessential aspect. In the fullness of time, it is important to realize that to understand business is to understand people.

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