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Think & Ink is an up-and-coming knowledge-capital connecting passionate writers, readers, bloggers, and various like-minded professionals. We are bloggers who interact and engage readers with topics that would be of interest to the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are a passionate writers forum that curates and covers every topic of interest from health, business, travel, fashion, food, technology, E-commerce to Social media with a tinge of perspective writing.

We want to build a socially-inclined community introducing the Bazaar style of writing where each one can be inspired by another, however ensuring due credit to the author along the chain. We not only post blogs and content, but also acknowledge how much value, resource, empathy, inspiration, motivation, and information must be provided through each piece.

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We are an open platform that gives flight to undiscovered thoughts and voices. We are a medium that appreciates the art of storytelling. We want to build a socially active writing community with insightful and dynamic content.